Vacuum Sealer Maintenance Tips

When you actually purchase your new vacuum sealer, you will need to know how to clean it. You definitely want to follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer as each model if different and some will have specific cleaning requirements. In addition to the information that you will find on your user manual I have added some of my personal vacuum seal cleaning tips here for you.

Clean It Regularly

After using your vacuum sealer it is essential to clean it properly to prevent pests, dust, bacteria and other unwanted elements from invading and taking control of your appliance. Improper cleaning of the sealer may cause the conditions that are favourable for these types of things to flourish so it is highly recommended that you clean it regularly and by regularly, Ideally you should clean it after every use.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals!

You should avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your vacuum sealer. Most of them will contain toxic chemicals that are a health hazard. Many of the popular branded products are very dangerous to use on these machines. The chemicals can get on the bags that you use on the sealer and this increases the risk of you coming into direct contact with them. Try using mild soaps instead as they will reduce the risk of any health problems to your body and or damage to the sealer itself.

No Wet Cloths/Rags!

It is very important not use a wet cloth to wipe the vacuum sealer. We can use a DAMP cloth but if the cloth is wet and dripping them you could be electrocuted because vacuum sealers are electrical devices. In order to prevent electrical shock and permanent damage to the appliance always use a lightly damp cloth to wipe down the unit. You should also always unplug the unit before you clean it but even if it is unplug you should not use a wet cloth as water can seep into the electrical circuits if you do.

Remove Soap Residue

If there is any evidence of soap residue after you clean your sealer, you should remove it right away. Not removing residue may cause a buildup of bacteria which can lead to health issues. Residue can attract more dust and dirt to itself and may also be trapped on the appliance if is not rinsed properly, so proper maintenance of these machines will prolong their lifespan and allow you to keep yours for a long time.

In order to ensure that the vacuum sealer is wiped off properly please give it a second wipe with a dry cloth. Proper drying of the appliance lowers our risk of getting hurt and also causing damage to the appliance. Once your sealer is properly cleaned, store it in a safe and dry area where it will be protected from unwanted elements.

These maintenance tips, if you do as they recommend, will help you to easily clean your vacuum sealer and reduce the risk of the bacterial infections, dust, damages and even electric shocks.