Do You Need An Internal or An External Sealer?

There are basically just two types of vacuum sealers – internal ones and external ones. Each type has its areas of strength and weaknesses and they are laid out here for you to learn more about them and see which type it is that you really need.


Internal vacuum sealers are also sometimes referred to as Chamber vacuum sealers. This is because the items that you want to seal will first be placed inside the chamber of the machine. After the bag with the items is securely inside the chamber the lid is them closed down on it. The machine works by removing all of the air from the chamber (including the air in the bag) and then applying a seal to the bag once all the aire is gone.

You can seal liquids like soups and beverages in this type of sealer is there is no sucking going on at an open end for any of the liquid to be sucked out. This is one of the major differences between internal and external sealers – chamber sealers can be used to seal liquids but most external sealers will require you to freeze liquids before vacuuming them. These machines are also usually much larger than the external models and they will typically cost a lot more as well but they are great for heavy use and you can use them with virtually any type of bags.


The most common type of vacuum sealers that you will find in homes today will be external sealers. They are more compact, portable and not as expensive as internal ones. The Foodsaver is by far the most recognizable brand in this industry as they have many models of sealers but I purposely reviewed only two of their machines as there are some other very good brand out there who do not have the marketing power of Foodsaver but still deserve a chance to be seen.

External sealers are most times not suitable for use with liquids. This is one area where the internal sealers have the upper hand. Some external models may allow you to seal moist items but that is about it. These machines are however, much more affordable than internal ones and they are usually also lightweight and easy to use.

The differences between these two types of vacuum sealers is very clear. Most people will be just fine with an external model but if you are going to be doing some heavy duty sealing or want to vacuum liquids then an internal vacuum sealer will obviously be the best choice.