Top 20 Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Preserve Foods Longer!

Vacuum sealers are this fabulous little (well most of them are little, some are rather large) machines that you can use to preserve your food items so that they last MUCH longer than if you just store them in the refrigerator. They can provide you fresh-tasting, good-smelling foods even after being in storage for months!

After you have been using one of these sealers for a while you will start to notice that it can be used for things other than food. It is just a really handy machine to have in your kitchen; I am crazy about them and i think everyone should have one. I have reviewed my top 20 picks for the best vacuum sealers on the market and put them here to help you find the one that is right for you.

FoodSaver V3240 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System


The FoodSaver V3240 (from the V3200 Series) helps you to preserve your food in your freezer for up to five years. It does this with its superior sealing system which removes the air and moisture from specially designed bags, so you can feel free to go ahead and make that bulk purchase because with this unit, your foods will retain their freshness and taste for a long time. It’s great for storing leftovers especially after a big gathering where there is a lot of food left that otherwise would have gone to waste. It’s also good for meal planning and managing your time at home as you can prepare your meals, store them and they can be on the table in a flash when you need them.

Easy to Use

With its many features, the Foodsaver V3240 will capably carry out all of your vacuuming jobs. It has two speeds which you will adjust depending on the food type you are working with. It also has a moist or dry food setting which ensures that the package is correctly sealed. The Crush Free Instant seal will help to protect your delicate foods such as cookies or chips during the sealing process and it also come equipped with a handy bag cutter and roll holder.

Cost Effective

Think of all the food that you throw out daily or weekly, then roughly estimate how much you throw away every year…it’s in the hundreds of dollars right? If you had used the Foodsaver V3240 to store them, you would have that money to spend on other important things, so using this system means more cash in your pockets.

Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Sealer Review


The Weston Pro-2300 is a strong, well-built unit capable of taking on even your toughest sealing challenges. This semi-commercial grade sealer is packed with features that will enhance your sealing experiences and motivate you to use it for every possible job that you may have.

Superior Performance

It has two main operation modes; an auto mode that can be used for one-touch operation, or Manual Mode to ensure that you get that custom sealing job right. It also comes equipped with a Teflon bar that is extra big and that allows it to handle big jobs as it can be used to seal bags that are as much as 15 inches wide. In addition, the unit’s unique transparent acrylic lid allows you to see more, so you are able to correctly align bags during the sealing process. The LED is a nice additional feature that helps you to track the stages of the sealing process as you move your food products from inevitable spoilage to sustained freshness. Its great features don’t end here; the Weston Pro-2300 also has a double piston seal bar that speeds up the job so it’s done super-fast, and a cooling fan to allow you to do multiple jobs one after the other.

Multi -Purpose

While we think of food when considering purchasing a vacuum sealer, the Weston Pro-2300 is also great for sealing a myriad of other items to prevent damage due to excess moisture or oxygen damage. Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of important documents being damaged or faded because of exposure to the environmental elements. With this unit, these will become problems of the past as you are able to seal protect these documents with the Weston Pro 2033.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


This machine can be described as the Rolls Royce of vacuum sealers. According to satisfied reviewers, it gets the job done every time and has no equal when it comes to sealing liquids and liquid rich foods. The VacMaster VP210 accomplishes this by using a different method from most of the other products on the market.

Suction Technology

While the regular vacuum sealers use suction, with the VacMaster VP210 , the bag to be sealed is placed inside the chamber and the lid is then closed. Air is removed from the entire chamber which allows the air pressure of both inside the bag and inside of the chamber to remain equal and so, the liquids will stay in the bag and not seep out. The bag is then sealed and then air is let back into the chamber.

Variety & Cost

Every bag is a double sealed which ensures that it is completely sealed and will not pull apart over time. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to use it in a variety of ways for your vacuuming and sealing needs and extending your packing options. For instance, several reviewers have raved about how effective it is for canning jar sealing and even pickling jobs. While this unit may cost more than the average on the market, its performance makes it worth much more than the purchase price. Reviews say that you can seal several bags back to back without stopping to rest the machine which is common with other units and that the cost per unit for the bags are one of the most competitive on the market.

Crenova Automatic VS-1 Food Preservation


A high quality vacuum sealer that is durable and can be used for a wide variety of tasks, the Crenova VS-1 can handle virtually and job you can throw at it. It comes with a starter kit containing 10 bags. Ideal for the home or the office, this is one very handy little sealer to have around.

Dry or Moist

Whether the food items you want to seal are dry foods or moist foods the Crenova will be able to handle the job. It has a mode for each type of food so that the machine does not get damaged when you seal moist foods. Just a note here though, it is always best to freeze liquids before you vacuum and seal them, as otherwise they may expand in the bag and break it when you freeze them.

Great Tasting Food

The manufacturers of this Crenova sealer promise that your food items will be so well vacuumed when you use it that it will not get any fridge taste. Food that is not vacuumed and sealed is a lot more likely to get infected by bacteria, but with this machine you will be able to get great tasting food for up to three months. Getting a vacuum sealer is just the best option to preserve your food over long periods.

Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Packer Review


The Nesco VS-02 is a great product that allows you to vacuum seal any kind of food including: meat, fish or poultry. Cooked foods, uncooked foods, vegetables, dry foods such as cereals or rice, you name it; it can be preserved by the vacuuming process saving you hundreds of dollars each year. However, this unit can also help you to protect other items from moisture or damage. Many reviewers have said that they use it to protect important documents and for other uses like to protect items like matches and other supplies while on camping trips. This is truly a versatile machine.

Great Features

What I personally like about it is how easy it is to operate. It has a fully automatic one touch operation and shut off so it’s easy to get started and it will turn itself off when it’s not being used. It also has a seal only switch which is great for working with delicate foods that are easily crushed. Sometimes it may be a little tricky to seal wet items. However, the Nesco VS-02 takes care of this by having a switch which can extend sealing time for those items or it can also be used for tighter sealing.

Nice Extras

The Nesco VS-02 comes with a bag cutter which is very handy and also a roller storage compartment. The starter kits includes two 8.66″ X 9.8 rolls, five 8.66″ X 11.8″ bags and five 11.0″ X 11.8″ bags which is a great little package, more than enough for you to start enjoying the convenience of the machine right away.

Ivation Bag Sealer, Packaging Machine Included


There are many vacuum sealers out there to choose from, but the Ivation is one that’s worth your attention. It’s a lightweight and compact unit which means that it can remain on your countertop if you desire or if not, you can find a perfect storage space for it as it’s easy to handle and its sleek design makes storage a breeze. Using this machine will ensure that your foods remain fresher for far longer than without vacuum sealing and at the same time preserves all the flavor and texture of the foods that you choose to store.

Easy to Operate

The Ivation Bag Sealer is easy to use with its one-touch operation. It also has two operations settings; one for moist foods and one for dry foods. This ensures that it handles both tasks well, especially moist foods as those can sometimes be more difficult to work with. It also has a Gentle setting, which prevents crushing delicate foods and dry foods, so it’s a perfect solution for sealing bags containing cereals, breads and so on.

Starter Kit Included

A starter kit is included in the package which means that with the 5 quart bags and 5 gallon bags provided, you can begin using it right away. What’s also great about it is that you can also use it with bag rolls and that it can also accommodate bags and bag rolls up to 21 inches wide. It also has a port that is built in for optional accessories such as jar sealers.

Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000, Best Compact Design


The Seal a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 will get your sealing jobs done in a snap. It’s one of the most cost effective units out there, yet still, it doesn’t sacrifice on quality as it seals your foods quickly and efficiently, keeping out air and bacteria that would cause them to go bad quickly, while also maintaining the taste and nutritional value of your meals. This process allows your food to last you up to five times longer than if you had not vacuum sealed them.

Easy to Use

What I like about this product is how easy it is to use. You simply put your food in the bag and then place the end that is open on the drip tray, and after that close the lid and apply pressure to both sides for the hands free sealing process to begin …then presto you have a professionally sealed package for storage.

Easy Clean Up

The Seal-a-Meal’s patented removable drip tray is another great thing about it. This greatly minimizes on any spills and messes you may have on your work surfaces as it catches any overflow of liquids. The drip tray is very easy to clean and also dishwasher safe. This machine will accommodate bags and rolls of up to 11 inches and also accommodates heat-seal bags in the quart and gallon sizes and you will get in your package four quart bags to get you started.

Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer


There are so many things to love about the Cuisinart VS-100. Let’s start with is super sleek design which makes the unit so compact that it fits on any workspace. It also looks great as it comes in black but has stainless steel accents, so can fit in with many of today’s modern kitchens. If however, you prefer to store it, that’s no problem as its compact design allows you to easily find a space to slip into. While it looks great, this product gets the job done in terms of sealing your foods (or other items that you may want to protect) and keeping out the elements that cause your food to go bad faster.

Three Button Operation

The Cuisinart VS-100 features a three button operation that is very easy to operate, and it also has an easy locking system so there’s no struggle to lock the unit. It also has an instant seal feature that can be used to seal items that are delicate, where it gives you the control to stop the vacuuming action and instantly seal the package to protect your easy to crush foods like chips and so on.

Integrated Drip Tray

A very useful feature is its integrated drip tray which allows you to capture any spill overs before they hit your counter space. The unit also has a bag cutter which is not often included in most compact models from other brands. Extra wide bags will be no problem as it comes with an extra wide sealing strip to handle those tougher jobs. A generous starter kit is also included which supplies rolls in two sizes as well as an accessory port and vacuum hose.

Hamilton Beach 78213 NutriFresh with 12 Bag Starter Set


The Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Sealer is a packed with lots of great features to get all of your jobs done quickly and efficiently. Sealing food preserves their freshness for up to five times longer than their normal storage life, saving you money as you reduce waste. It not only keeps food fresher, longer, but it your food will still maintain flavor. Vacuuming also protects against the dreaded freezer burn which tends to damage foods placed in the freezer in regular plastic bags and wraps or even ziplock type bags made especially for use in the freezer.

Feature Rich

It has two sealing options; normal seal, which is for dry food and an extended seal that can be used for moist foods, which I find useful as many similar products on the market have only one sealer setting, where it can be harder to manage moist foods. The unit also has versatile controls that allow you to use it in the traditional manner of vacuuming and sealing, or you may use the vacuum only option for delicate foods.

Extra Wide Vacuum Chamber

It’s useful features don’t stop there. The Hamilton Beach 78213 NuriFresh Sealer also allows you to align your bags easily and it also has a very wide vacuum chamber where as much air as possible will be removed during the sealing process. The product package includes two heat-seal rolls, 6 quart-size and 4 gallon-size heat-seal bag, all you will need to get to work immediately on preserving food and saving money.

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer with Starter Kit


Keep your food fresher for longer with the Foodsaver 2244 Vacuum S. This compact unit is easy to operate works with just about any food that you want to preserve. In fact, by using the Foodsaver 2244, your food will last up to 5 times longer than if no vacuum storage process was used.


Sometimes after a party, barbeque or other type of gathering you have extra food that you don’t want to go bad. This machine is the answer to that problem as it will help preserve frozen foods for up to three years. Are you pressed for time and want to store pre-prepared meals to pop into the oven or on the stove at a moment’s notice? This vacuum sealer is for you as you can safely store your prepped meals. It’s also handy for sealing your pantry items like pasta or flour, extending their shelf life by up to two years. The Foodsaver 2244 is so versatile that it even has a Crush Free Instant seal, which helps to protect delicate foods. Keeping your workspace clean is made easier as the unit it comes equipped with a patented, removable dishwasher safe drip two years .ray to contain any drips or minor spills that may occur.

Starter Kit Included

The Foodsaver team ensures that you hit the ground running with this machine as the 2244 Vacuum S model comes with a starter kit that includes a 11”x10 Heat Seal Roll and 5 Heat Seal Bags in two sizes, quart and gallon.

Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium Review


The Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium manufactured by the well-known and trusted Foodsaver Company is made especially with angler and huntsman in mind as it’s suitable for sealing large fish and cuts of meat. Having worked hard to bring in your catch or conquer the big game, you want to ensure that the fish and meat are preserved to the highest quality. It’s likely that you will be sharing with your family and friends which is all the more reason that you need a superior product that will deliver the best vacuum packages. This Gamesaver will do that for you.

Dual Pump

This heavy duty machine has a dual pump which provides more power for your large jobs. It also lets you to seal many bags one after the other with its repetitive seal feature allowing up to 100 repetitive seals. It comes equipped with an extra-long seal strip, so it can seal bags up to 15 inches wide. It also has dual seal settings, single and double which allows you to decide the level of security needed for each package. This is a big machine so a carrying handle is provided to help you move it around. It also has a built in storage compartment for storing the accessory hose.

Starter Kit Included

The team at Gamesaver knows that you want to start packaging right away so they have provided a starter kit that has one Heat Seal Roll (11″ X 10′), one that is 15″ X 10′ and a three Gallon DAM Bags so you won’t miss a beat.

DAPAI Multifunctional with 3 Sealing Functions


A sealer machine that will add a touch of class to any kitchen you put it in, the DAPAI Multifunctional is very easy on the eyes, it performs exceptionally well and it is easy to use. It has a lot of features such as the ability to be used with bags or sealing film and an automatic shut off.

Beautiful Design

I just love the look of this machine. It is available in both black and silver but both of them just look so contemporary and refined. They look like they should belong to professional sealers ( I may fall into this category if it really did exist) or someone who insists that all the appliances in their kitchen should have a certain, high tech, modern look.

Sealing Technology

This lovely little unit utilizes the latest technology from DAPAI. This technology allows it to give you the option of up three different sealing functions. You can choose to use either the vacuum, non-vacuum or air suction functions. Some sealing systems today will give you 2 options but there are only a few that will give you all of three like this one from DAPAI.

Rival FSFGSL0150-015 Best 3 Step Vacuum Sealer


Anyone who would like to own of the the simpler vacuum sealers should check out the Rival FSFGSL0150-015. It is a basic but effective machine that will keep your food fresh as long as some of the much more expensive models. It comes with a starter kit too – something that you won’t see very often at this super affordable price point.

Cancel Anytime

Occasionally when you are sealing something you may want to stop mid seal like let’s say for example, if you forgot to add something to the bag. In situations like these it is better to have a sealer with a Cancel function so that you can stop the action at any time. On this model will you only have to press the Open/Cancel button and the machine will stop automatically.

Just 3 Steps

Vacuuming and sealing is not very difficult to do with this model. All it takes is 3 easy steps and you will have your bag nicely tight and sealed. Put items to be stored in bag, put bag onto sealer then vacuum and seal with just the press of a button. This machine is best suited for people who are new to sealing and just want a machine for casual jobs.

Useful UH-VS140 Bag Sealing System


In the market for a sealer that you can use for casual storage jobs in the kitchen and around the house? The Useful UH-VS140 is a fully automatic vacuum and sealing system that works with a piston pump so you won’t need any additional accessories. It can be used to seal dry as well as moist items and it has a ‘Gentle’ option for delicate items.

All Bags Welcome

Some sealers are very specific about the type of bags that you can use with them. This can cause you to spend more money than you intended on getting replacement bags to use with your device. This one from Useful however, can be used with virtually any sealing bags that have a width of 12 inches or less. The machine can also be used on other air-tight vessels and vacuum canisters.

Fresh For Longer

When you use this Useful UH-VS140 to seal your food items before you store them away you can do so confidently knowing that they will stay fresh for a very long time. In fact foods that you seal using this unit will stay fresh for as much as 5 times longer than if you were to use more conventional methods. What’s even better is that food that is sealed will not get freezer burn either.

VonShef Best Vacuum Food Saver System


The VonShef is a cute little sealer system that is perfect for the occasional storage job or for newbies who want to get more experience sealing things. It works great for packaging soft foods, is easy to use and comes with a very budget friendly price tag.

Budget Friendly

Persons who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new vacuum sealer will be happy to know that this one from VonShef is super affordable as it currently retails for way under $60. Most sealers on the market, the good ones anyway, will tend to cost in excess of $150. This is a good quality sealer for the price so those who are new to sealing or do not have a big budget.

No Noise

This food saver from VonShef is a no noise model so you can expect quiet action from it. Not only does it operate quietly, it’s sealing your items in a matter of seconds as well. You can choose between vacuum sealing or just regular sealing but both functions will be done quickly and silently.

Oliso® PRO™ Smart Sealer for Food Preservation & Sous Vide


Are you looking for a vacuum sealer that is packed with loads of useful features and the latest technology? The Oliso PRO maybe just what you are looking for. It is a small sealer with enough power to rival many commercial models, it can be used to store more than just food items and it is super easy to use.

Compact and Powerful

The Oliso Pro Smart is, in comparison to many of its competitors, a very compact device. It is small enough to fit comfortably in virtually any kitchen cupboard or drawer but it’s powerful dual motor is of commercial grade strength to give you superior suction and sealing. Because it is so powerful the device is able to efficiently get more air out of the bags before sealing. The device also uses patented Freshkeeper tech to keep your food items fresher for longer.

Smart Sealing

The manufacturers named this the SMART and I must say that they seem to be correct on that point. You will not find many other sealers that are as clever as this Olio Pro appears to be. It has smart features like it’s punch and seal tech (patented) and liquid detection that puts it a far step ahead of the competition. If you are serious about sealing your food items and know that you will use it very often, you should seriously consider getting this model.

FoodKing Vacuum Packing Machine


A commercial vacuum sealer like this one from FoodKing is what you will need if you do more than just seal the occasional dinner leftovers. It is suitable for people who do heavy duty vacuuming or run a small business. Probably the best thing about this unit is it’s price. It currently retails for under $500 but comparable models are usually sold at much higher prices.

Commercial Grade

This chinese made machine is of commercial grade quality so it will be able to handle very demanding sealing jobs. If you are running a tea company, for example, and need to seal hundreds of bags everyday you can use this machine to do just that without worrying that it will break out or stop working.

Highly Efficient

There is a 120W motor on this unit and it delivers more than enough power for all the action that you could ask for. The machine uses advanced technology to seal your items as efficiently as possible. You will be able to seal a wide variety of items with this commercial grade sealer including solids, powder and liquids.

Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealing System


Ziploc is widely known for their resealable plastic bags but did you know that the make vacuum sealers too? They do and they are the manufacturers of this ZIploc V151 Sealer System. Since they have been in the sealing food to preserve it business for sometime will expect that they know what it takes to make a proper vacuum sealer. Let’s take a look at some of the stand out features on this model.

Sleek and Modern

The first thing that I noticed about this ZIploc sealer was its good looks. Yes I know that may come across as being superficial but you gotta appreciate it when a device looks good. I certainly don’t want any non-good looking devices in my kitchen if I can avoid it. Fortunately for everyone, this model has a very nice sleek and modern appearance. It is all bright white finish that will be sure to blend in well with your kitchen decor and it will show up spills and messes right away so that you can clean them immediately.

User Friendly

Unlike with some other high quality vacuum sealers, it doesn’t take a genius figure out how this machine works. Using it is a simple, three step process. First you put the items that you want to seal into the bag, then you place the open end of the bag unto the and close the lid. The final step is just to press the button that clearly says ‘Vacuum and Seal’ and you are done. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Sinbo DZ-280 Vacuum Sealer with 30 Free bags


People who want to have the freedom to use different types of bags with their vacuum sealer will want to take a closer look at the Sinbo DZ-280. Use it to seal your items in bags with widths up to 10 inches. As a bonus you will get 30 bags with your purchase at no additional cost so you can start sealing and storing right away!

Watch Out Foodsaver

It is no secret that Foodsaver practically dominates the market because they have so many different models. The thing is though, that they tend to be on the pricier side and this means that not everyone can afford them and even some people who can afford it don’t necessarily want to splurge on them.

For those who want a good quality vacuum sealer but don’t want to pay the Foodsaver prices, this one from Sinbo is a great option. What I like even more about this model is that you can use it with commercial bags. You will not have to keep purchasing the specific bags that brands like Foodsaver require and this will save you money in the long run for sure.

Lightweight and Portable

If you are going to thanksgiving dinner at your parents house being able to take one of these nifty little machines will mean that you won’t have to cook for yourself for days afterward. The machine only weighs 6.3 pounds so you can easily toss it in a bag and take it with you. You can then use it to securely seal up as much of the leftovers as you can take with you and toss them in your refrigerator at home. They will keep nice and fresh there until you are ready to reheat them.

Homeleader ® Easy Lock Food Sealing System


If you thought that you would need to spend a wad of cash to get a high quality vacuum sealer, think again. This model from manufacturer’s Homeleader can do everything that you would expect from quality sealers but it can be yours for a significantly less price.

Sealing Only Option

You can use this sealer to either vacuum and seal items or just seal them without any vacuum. There are times when you will not need to necessarily vacuum your items and only want to seal them. With the Homeleader Easy Lock Food Sealer you will have the option to seal only and this will put less pressure on the pump and extend the life of the device.

Wide Seal Line

The seal line on this device is 3mm and that is wider than what you will find on the average sealer. Having this extra space is important because it helps to prevent air from leaking into the vacuum for long periods of time. Having a very wide seal also makes it easier to re-use and re-seal bags in the future.

Closing Thoughts

You have reached the end of my top 20 vacuum sealer reviews. I tried to give only the most essential details of each machine so that you will have enough information about them to make a choice. Choosing a sealer can seem like an overwhelming task with so many of them on the market. My aim was to give you the best pool of 20 to choose from and save you the time that you would otherwise have to spend searching through endless lists on the Internet. I hope I was able to do this for you.

Preserve Your Foods – Vacuum and Seal!